Display homes are one of the first places people seek out when looking for a new home. Often builders will invest a lot of money and effort in their show cases often creating an illusion of what you may get for the advertised price.

1. Start with your budget
Ah, budget. It may not be the most exciting word, but it’s probably one of the most important ones when it comes to happy house buying. You need to know precisely what you can afford before visiting a display home.

2. Find the best builder for you.
Some builders are setup to help different kinds of clients. First home buyers don’t need the bells and whistles and luxury home builders are often in another league. Check out forums,  friends and family most people know someone who has built who has built in the last couple of years. Find a home consultant you can build a good rapport with.

WARNING: Watch for impossible guarantees or offers, often big promos are offset with higher site costs.

3. What do you actually need?
Sit down and write 3 lists. First a list of the things that area must like the number of bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms and car spaces. Secondly all the things that you would like to have in your house like big kitchen, appliance types, heating and cool, tiles, storage etc. Lastly would would you love but may be out of your budget

4. Do you take the husband/wife, mum, dad, kids, uncles, aunts?
This is your house. Take the people who will live in the space and you can decide for yourself. Sure bring mum and dad through later but it is you that has to live in the house. So go with your gut instinct.

5. Never a stupid question.
Most home consultants have heard it all. They usually have a background in construction and will know the local estates very well. Not sure about the size of the house for a particular block? What materials are being used? What was the jargon? Ask, you’ll soon realise if the consultants know their stuff.

6. Refer to point 1 again.
Be careful about being amazed by a display home which can have $10,000 to $50,000 of upgrades and you’ll be very disappointed withe your final homes. Some home builders have display homes with their standard inclusions on display.